We strongly believe in the value of culture and we want to make it available to everybody.

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We have exclusive partnerships with major Italian museums.
Our mission is to share education and knowledge of artistic heritage and historical masterpieces by using new technologies.

We can provide you any masterpiece from our partner museums, in order to realize incredible exhibitions like never before, since it has not been possible to have such paintings simultaneously in one place until now.

In the year of the anniversary of the death of Leonardo, we are proud to make affordable all Leonardo paintings to all institutions who want to celebrate it and to whom we would be honored to present our venture and our mission.

We strongly believe in the value of culture and we want to make it available to everybody.

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Concrete help to museums

All the revenues coming from DAW and exhibitions are equally shared with our partners to guarantee, as we wanted, a new revenue stream without introducing any constraint onto current ownership or rights.

Our goal is to is to build new partnerships with museums abroad to create a worlwide market which would benefit all our partner museums.

How do we operate?

Very simple. With DAW®

DAW® (digital art work) is a digital multiple of a masterpiece of the history of art: produced in limited series and authenticated, 1:1 scale exactly like the original, numbered, certified and protected with a patented digital encryption system. The remarkably high technological content makes it absolutely uncopiable and guarantees its uniqueness. Each DAW® is created with the consent of the owner museum that holds the original artwork and the revenues will be shared with the museum.

Cinello, a start-up company we founded in 2015, is our primary sponsor who creates DAW of the most important masterpieces owned by the most relevant museums in Italy, and makes them available to private collectors or other institutions and museums.