SAVE THE ARTISTIC HERITAGE aim to support and promote the Italian artistic heritage.

Our mission is to share education and knowledge of artistic heritage and historical masterpieces by using new technologies.

We organize art shows, special events, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, with the purpose to expand and share the artistic heritage.

We develop educational activities in the art world, research and partnership agreements with the most prestigious Italian and international institutions.

Our concrete support to the museums takes form through DAWs on Cinello’s platform.

DAW® (Digital Art Work) is a digital multiple of a historic art masterpiece,
produced in limited series, authenticated, numbered, certified and protected by a patented digital encryption system. Each DAW® is created with the consent of the museum
that owns the original artwork and 50 % of the sales revenues will be shared with the museum.

We are in love with our artistic heritage and we want to save it.