Save the Artistic Heritage

Presents the DAW® (limited digital edition) of


The Disheveled

by Leonardo da Vinci

in the permanent collection of the National Gallery – Monumental Complex of Pilotta in Parma


replacing the original

on loan at the exhibition

Leonardo da Vinci

at Musée du Louvre, Paris

from October 24, 2019 to February 24, 2020


The operation is part of a wider framework for the enhancement of the Collection of the National Gallery of the Monumental Complex of Pilotta in Parma, following the signed agreement between the institution and the startup Cinello

 Milan, September 2019 – Association Save the Artistic Heritage – a non-profit association for the promotion and enhancement of the historical and artistic Italian heritage – is pleased to exhibit for the first time in the permanent Collection of the National Gallery of the Monumental Complex of Pilotta in Parma, the DAW® (limited digital edition) of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece the Disheveled, on loan at Musée du Louvre (Paris) on the occasion of the great exhibition Leonardo da Vinci, organized by the most important French museum from October 24, 2019 to February 24, 2020, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the death of the Florentine genius, who died in Amboise (France) in 1519.

The small, mysterious portrait is among Leonardo´s most enigmatic works, known to the public and scholars as La Scapiliata (The Disheveled, circa 1508) for “the beautiful loose hair” which “over time became an authentic artistic genre”.

Long, loose hair, disheveled by a wind, eyes turned down, demure and almost solemn face, but thanks to her hair, intensely seductive: Leonardo’s Scapiliata represents strength, freedom, femininity. In this work the artists depicts exactly what he himself suggests in his Treatise on painting: “Depict hair which an imaginary wind causes to play about youthful faces, and adorn heads you paint with curling locks of various kinds”. The painting is surrounded by mystery even today, as there is no documentation of its origin or destination, and although it appears to be a preparatory study, it has a complete appearance that suggests an independent work.

The work is currently on loan, and it is replaced for the first time ever by a DAW® – Digital ArtWork, a digital edition on monitor, reproduced in limited series, numbered and certified, in 1:1 scale and in all respects similar to the original artwork, created by the startup Cinello in agreement with Monumental Complex of Pilotta using an innovative patented technology.

The initiative is promoted by Save The Artistic Heritage – a non-profit association founded with the aim to promote and enhance the historical and artistic heritage at national and international level, that of Italian in the first place, through actions, dissemination and sharing tools, together with new digital technologies, and to create new methods of support – and it is part of a wider framework for enhancing the heritage of the National Gallery of the Monumental Complex of Pilotta in Parma. In particular, thanks to Cinello’s collaboration agreement signed with some of the most important Italian museums – including Pilotta – and with the approval of the MiBACT, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Save the Artistic Heritage works for circulation, exhibiting in digital format, with educational and informative purposes, these “immovable” masterpieces of our heritage. Half of the net revenues from the sale or circulation of the DAW® will go to the museums who own the original copyrights – in this case to Monumental Complex of Pilotta – helping museums and partner institutions to preserve the works the best way possible and to value the priceless heritage.




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